HS ePortfolios

These are tutorials for High School students setup their Online Portfolios.

Step 1. Are you a NEW student at Graded?

If you are NOT a NEW student, then proceed to Step 2.

If you ARE a NEW student: FIRST follow the screencasts below to create a new blog. THEN follow the next steps just as the returning Graded students.

Step 1A. Create a Blogger Account : watch this screencast with instructions

Step 1B. Create a NEW Blog: watch this screencast with instructions

Step 1C. Setup Blog Privacy,  Language and Timestamp : watch this screencast with instructions

Step 1D. Setup LABEL GADGET for your Blog : watch this screencast with instructions

Step 1E. Setup LABELS to Start Posting : watch this screencast with instructions

9th grade, math, science, english, social studies, bss, portuguese, visual arts, phe, balanced, comunicator, critical thinker, curious, inclusive, innovative, reflective, responsible, risk-taker


Step 2. Create Easy Access to Subjects


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 12.05.55 PM

Screencast tutorial:

But WHAT IF I don’t have labels for a new subject area in High School like BSS? Once you start posting for BSS and create the label for the first time, then you can add the Subject Menu-Tab at your Pages Gadget!


Step 3. Add Showcase Start Page


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.27.12 AM

 Copy/Paste SHOWCASE Page content from HERE

Screencast tutorial:


Step 4. Add Showcase Pages for Your Classes


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.07.38 PM


Screencast tutorial:


Step 5. Separate Labels for Different Subjects


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.10.50 AM





 STEP 5 B. ADD LINKS TO LABEL NAMES – Screencast tutorial:


Step 6. Don’t forget t always use Grade, Subject and ClassName as labels 


9th grade, subject, class name, learning goal

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.37.11 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.39.55 AM


Step 7. Now if you want to know more … specially if you are NEW

How to change/edit design

Write a Blog Post with Label

Embed a Google Doc on a Blog Post

  •   Copy and Paste the Embed code below as shown in the screencast:
  •   Edit the embed code to include width and height of the window to the Google Doc. See in blue at the example below:

Create a link to a Google Doc or any Webpage

  • Google Doc:
  • Go to the Google Doc and Share with Anyone with the Link can View.
  • Copy the URL of the Google Doc.
  • Blogger Post:
  • Highlight the words in the blog post that you want to turn into a link.
  • Click on the Link option at the top menu.
  • Paste the Google Doc URL.
  • Click on the option Open on a New Window.
  • Save

Step 8. Do you feel like a Blog Ninja? Add Drop Down Menus using HTML

One of your peers, Luana, has done a Google search and found this really clear tutorial on how to add drop down menus to your Blogger ePortfolio, so you can list each specific course under the subject area (list Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, all under Math)

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.49.20 PM



If you feel adventurous, you can try it. Actually it is not hard, just make sure you follow the instructions correctly. Important: You will have to delete the previous “Pages” gadget that you had to create the top horizontal menu, as these instructions will give you a full new top menu with drop downs.

Instructions for drop down menu start at 6:35 minutes:

Tutorial on How to Add Drop Down Menus 


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