Bookmark Blogger Help Center for your reference:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.25.44 AM


Create a Blogger Account and Display Name


Create a New Blog

  • Click on “New Blog”
  • Choose a cool and appropriate blog title that represents you as a learner
  • Type you blog Address:
  • Check address availability message under the blog address (should be unique)
  • Choose Simple Template (change later)
  • Save


Blog Setup: Privacy, TimeZone and Language

This is a standard setup for HS students. You may want to change a few settings as you please.


Add Blog Label Gadget

It is essential that you add a label gadget to show the labels that you start using on your blog posts.  Otherwise labels do not show on your sidebar.


Blog Design Tips 


Add and Manage Static Pages

Tutorial: How to Add a Page to Blogger


How to Create a Blog Post with a Label 

See screencast Blog Post with Label


 Embed a Google Doc in a Blog Post


Add Links to your Student Blogs – Links List


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